Limbitless Journey

Limbitless Solutions

Role: Programmer

Engine: Unity

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EMG Controller Calibration Menu
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Title Screen

Limbitless Journey is a 3D wheelchair simulation game designed to train players with how to use a hands-free wheelchair. The target audience for the game is patients with ALS or other neurodegenerative diseases that impact muscle use. My first semester at Limbitless was mostly spent working on Limbitless Journey, and the features I was able to implement include the following:

This game is paired with Limbitless Solution’s “Project Xavier,” a hands-free wheelchair that is controlled using EMG sensors connected to the patient’s temporalis muscles. The player is tasked with traveling through 4 levels that progress in complexity with the goal of getting them used to using this technology in a safe, low-stress environment. In November 2023, Limbitless Journey received the award for Best Student Developed Game at I/ITSEC 2023 as part of the Serious Games Showcase and Challenge.

Serious Games Showcase and Challenge Award

Limbitless Journey utilizes eyetracking with the Tobii Eye Tracker 5, as well as the Limbitless Soluitions EMG sensor to create a fully hands-free experience. This empowers patients with ALS or other neurodegenerative diseases to fully play the game themselves without assistance.

Example of Audio Menu with eye-tracking

When I joined the team at Limbitless Solutions, one of the first things I was tasked with was creating an audio system for Limbitless Journey. Much of the game was already developed upon my joining, however, there were many features still not completed/not working as intended.

My contributions to the game allowed for clinical trials to take place. During my second semester at Limbitless, we entered it into the Serious Games Showcase and Challenge, held at the annual I/ITSEC conference. There, we won the Best Student Developed Game award. It truly felt rewarding to work on a game that will go on to help develop a technology that can so greatly improve the lives of those using it.