Anthony Martin

Gameplay Programmer


This page is a collection of the professional projects I have worked on. Click on any of the items for more details about each project. For school, game jam, and other personal projects, head to my GitHub or page!

Limbitless Redline

Limbitless Solutions

Limbitless Redline is a 1-4 player motorcycle-battle royale designed to train children to use prosthetic arms.

My contributions to Redline include programming the player controller, HUD functionality, playtesting, and more

Limbitless Journey

Limbitless Solutions

Limbitless Journey is a 3D wheelchair simulation game designed to train ALS patients how to use a hands-free wheelchair.

My contributions to the game include developing the game's audio system, fixing various UI bugs, developing a new speed feature based on the real-life wheelchair, porting the game to new systems, and much more

Quantum's Pursuit

Limbitless Solutions

Quantum’s Pursuit is a 2D platformer that trains children with limb differences how to operate their bionic arms. By flexing their arms in person, they control different abilities in the game.

My contributions to Quantum's Pursuit include recreating and updating the game's audio manager, developing a state machine for one of the boses, adjusting one of the power systems to make use of state machines, and more.


Lizard Lair Games

Volcanewt is a work-in-progress 3rd person, city destruction game where the player takes control of a giant volcanic newt.

My contributions to the game include programming one of the 3 bosses, optimization, and other gameplay tasks.

System Assault

RAM Software

System Assault is a reverse Tower Defense game where you take control of computer files to fight back against a Rogue Antivirus that has taken over your PC.

My contributions to the game include creating the game's input system, UI programming, spawn mechanics, and creating an audio manager.