Quantum's Pursuit

Limbitless Solutions

Role: Programmer

Engine: Unity

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Quantum’s Pursuit is a game by Limbitless Solutions that lets children with bionic limbs play the limb-different grandchildren of Dr. Quantum, a tech genius and wizard who has developed renewable energy. Dr. Quantum has been kidnapped by evil Galacdorks trying to steal his invention, and it’s the player’s goal to journey through the levels, defeat the boss, and save Dr. Quantum. Some features I’ve been able to contribute to the team are the following:

The game allows hospitals to teach children how to use their new bionic limbs in a fun, engaging, and stress-free way, while also gaining insight into the needs of each child based on their muscle strength – information that is usually difficult to ascertain.

In the Spring of 2023, Quantum's Pursuit was selected as 7 out of 500 projects to receive the Unity for Humanity Grant.

Unity for Humanity Winner Award

Quantum’s Pursuit utilizes the EMG Sensor developed by Limbitless Solutions. This sensor works as an alternative controller and is controlled by player’s flexing one of their muscles on their arms. Quantum’s Pursuit is made with the goal of training children with limb differences on how to use their prosthetic arms. By flexing in game, the player is able to use one of three abilities available to them, each designed to train a different aspect of flexing. This translates directly to how they would use their prosthetic arm, as the settings they adjust and use in game can be adjusted directly onto their bionic arms.

Quantum’s Pursuit is one of the first games I worked on during my time interning at Limbitless Solutions. I joined the team at a point in development where a lot of the core mechanics of the game were being reworked. Many of the systems in place weren’t using Unity’s current standards and proved to be slowing down our development. We ultimately decided to completely rework many of the systems the game was using, which has definitely proven to be the correct decision in moving forward for the project.

Quantum’s Pursuit still has some ways to go with development, but thanks to the work we put into the backend, development has become much smoother and will be able to progress much more quickly.