Limbitless Redline

Limbitless Solutions

Role: Programmer

Engine: Unity

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I mostly worked on Redline during its early stages of development when it was a singleplayer game, but since then I have still assisted with playtesting and bugfixing. My contributions include:

Limbitless Redline is a 1-4 player motorcycle racing game that uses a proprietary electromyograph (EMG) sensor based controller that reads the users’ flex for acceleration. The game combines elements from Excitebike, Black Emperor, and Road Rash in a battle royale racing experience. Players must avoid obstacles and stay on the road while being careful to not over heat. In 2024, Redline was selected as a finalist at alt.ctrl.GDC at the Game Developers Conference.

alt.ctrl.GDC Finalist

Redline makes use of Limbitless Solutions’ electromyograph controller that reads the users’ muscle flexions. By flexing, the player controls acceleration in the game. The goal is to be the last player standing by balancing the amount you accelerate as not to overheat, while trying to fight other players for space on the road. The game serves as a way to train users of Limbitless Solutions’ bionic arms. The muscle flexions the player makes in the game directly translate to how the physical arm is controlled.

Limbitless Redline originally started out as a singleplayer game where the player attempts to beat their previous score. When approached for developing this game, we were aiming to give the bionic kids at Limbitless Solutions a game to play while waiting for the development of some of the longer-term games to conclude.