System Assault (2023)

RAM Software

Role: Programmer

Engine: Unity

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System Assault Trailer
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Title Screen
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Main Menu UI
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Level 1 Gameplay
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Spawn Troops Script
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Audio Manager Script

System Assault is a game I am quite proud to have worked on during my time at UCF. It was completed during my Casual Game Production class with a team of only 7 developers. I worked as one of two programmers on the team and helped develop the game from start to finish. Tasks were split evenly among both of us programmers, and the features I worked on include the following:

System Assault is branded as a “Reverse Tower Defense” game, as you take control of the troops that make their way through the level. The goal of the game is for the player to balance the amount of troops they spawn with their in-game currency to destroy firewalls and complete the levels before time runs out. The setting of the game takes place on your PC, which has been taken over by your rogue antivirus. This has allowed viruses to infect the PC, and your only hope is to use junk files to overwhelm it before it can destroy your core system files.

Because the RAM Software team was much smaller than others I’ve worked on, I was able to contribute a lot of ideas that made their way into the final product. There were definitely some challenges we faced as a result of having less people working on the game, however. There were times where I had to do much more to get a feature in that we assumed would be easy to implement, but turned out to have more steps than expected. Everyone on the team was also in their senior year of classes, so we had limited time we could each work on the project. Regardless of these challenges, however, everyone on the team was able to manage their time effectively, allowing us to create a product to be proud of.