Volcanewt (2024)

Lizard Lair Games

Role: Programmer

Engine: Unreal Engine 5

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Banner Art
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Alpha Gameplay Reel
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Birthday Cake Boss Behavior Tree
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Birthday Cake Boss Gameplay
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Various Enemy Gameplay
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Tongue Attack Blueprint
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Tongue Attack Gameplay

Volcanewt is a flashy, comedic adventure with darker undertones featuring the Volcanewt, a massive volcanic newt that goes stomping through several cities creating a wake of destruction in his path. The Volcanewt annihilates human cities in its path and crushes their pitiful but growing resistance with lumbering attacks to showcase the strength and power of this enormous beast. The Volcanewt slashes through buildings, spits fire at the opposition, and uses his tongue to devour fleeing civilians. Some features I’ve implemented to the game include the following:

I entered the project about midway into pre-production. At this time, the Lizard Lair Games team nearly doubled in size, so we were able to scope the game up to much more than what was originally planned for. My role on the team is one of two programmers and since joining, I have been tasked with a number of features to improve upon the systems already built into the game.

The game is scheduled to release in May 2024, so there is still much more for us to implement. This is my first major project in Unreal Engine, so it was at first a challenge understanding how blueprints and other aspects of the Unreal environment work. After some time, however, I started to get more of an understanding of how things work.